Football Activity Pad (possibly antique)

I always find that the problem with football themed activity pads is getting them started. No such issues with this activity pad, as it has been started for you!

We haven’t been able to determine the exact age of this rare item, but are fairly sure that it is a valuable antique (and therefore worthy of the most epic of links). Content inside refers to Leeds being a premiership team, which certainly does back up this theory.

The activity pad literally contains “Pages of fun”, as described on the cover. Exactly how many of the pages are fun is undetermined. Approximately 8 pages have been completed.  As a bonus a hangman puzzle has been started as have 2 word search puzzles.

Unfortunately we cannot provide support or assistance with the remaining pages.

How do I get this fantastic thing?

It’s yours for just a link. Use the comments or contact us with your best offer.


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  1. Paul Delaney says:

    I loved the idea of the site at LinkLove so i’ll link for this!

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