You link. We post stuff we don't want.

Welcome to Shit For Links; The premier place to trade links from your website for whatever crap we have laying around here.

The idea is simple: We have stuff we don’t want any more and you have websites that we would like links from. We’re done with being nice and earning links, and we can’t offer anything of value (otherwise that would be link buying), so we’ve decided just to offer up our shit.

Disclaimer: Whilst our link building methods might be described as literally “peddling shit”, Shit For Links should not be confused with Climb Online who some believe to be on equally shaky ground (see Climb Online in the Telegraph)

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How it works

It’s simple: Browse our site for shit that you want (but we don’t) then offer us a link for it.  If we think it’s a good swap then we’ll send the shit to you by post for you to enjoy.  We are happy to ship shit world-wide for the right links.

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